Standalone Xbox One Kinect Sensor Now Available


Back in May, Microsoft released a Kinect-less Xbox One bundle in hopes of increasing sales numbers for their latest generation gaming/media console. Until now, the Kinect Sensor was unavailable for purchase separately so those who did purchase the cheaper bundle were out of luck if they wanted a sensor after the fact. It appears that has changed as Amazon has listed the Kinect Sensor – with Dance Central Spotlight – for $149.99USD.

When the Xbox One was first announced, the mandatory inclusion of the Kinect Sensor rubbed more than a few gamers the wrong way. First introduced as an upgrade to the Xbox 360, the Kinect sensor never fully took off because it was an add-on device and developers couldn’t rely on it being available – thus limiting the use of the Kinect in a lot of games. Aside from Kinect specific titles, the games that did utilize it relied on it mostly for additional voice commands in game. By bundling it with the Xbox One, Microsoft was hoping that it would be utilized more in games this generation – not to mention being instrumental in navigating the Xbox Dashboard. Thus far however, the main allure of the Kinect Sensor has indeed been for voice navigation of the Dashboard as not many games have taken advantage of the Kinect outside of voluntary voice commands, and as with the 360, only a limited number of Kinect specific games have been released to date.

While the latest sales figures aren’t out, it’s hard to say what effect the cheaper Xbox One bundle has had on sales, as Microsoft’s console has trailed the Sony Playstation 4 in sales figures on a monthly basis since both consoles came out late last year. Other bundles enticing gamers have been released as well, so it’s tough to tell exactly what bundle has contributed most to sales each month as Microsoft – and Sony for that matter – have been pretty tight lipped on exact sales numbers, as well as distinguishing between shipped to stores or sold to customers.

Currently, the Xbox One bundle with Kinect runs at $499.99USD, and usually includes a game. The Kinect-free Xbox One bundle sells for $399.99USD and does not include a game. Granted, not everyone can shell out $500 at once, or wants a Kinect right away, but with the pricing of the standalone Kinect Sensor, the better deal is definitely buying the full bundle in the first place, saving the consumer $50.

If you own an Xbox One, or are picking one up in the near future, what bundle are you most interested in and why? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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