The Ebola Virus Is Getting Its Own TV Series Produced By Ridley Scott


Just in case there was not already enough hysteria and coverage about the “Ebola outbreak,” the deadly West African virus is getting its own TV series produced by Alien director Ridley Scott. To be completely accurate it is the 1994 best-selling book The Hot Zone that is getting the TV treatment, and not the bloodborne pathogen that is taking over headlines and news media spots in the US after one victim of the disease died while in the US and another has tested positive.

The Hot Zone is a non-fiction thriller by author Richard Preston and tells the real-life origins of the Ebola virus, as well as other viral hemorrhagic fevers. Specifically, the novel revolves around the real doctors and scientists as they dealt with outbreaks in the 1970s and 1990s, as well as the detailed back story of the horrific diseases. As Entertainment Weekly is reporting, the TV series will cover both those previous outbreaks and also include the recent one that started just months ago in West Africa claiming over 4,500 lives.

Producers Ridley Scott and Lynda Obst have been reportedly working on the project for over a year, but it’s no surprise that Fox would begin to push the project forward amidst the heavy media attention the virus has been getting lately. The series will be adapted by Jeff Vintar for Fox TV.

Aside from the fact that the series will obviously use the Ebola hysteria as a means to propel itself, the idea of a TV series around a contagion could be pretty interesting. Depending on how hands-on Ridley Scott plans on being, the limited-run series could prove to be extremely atmospheric and realistic – calming the nerves of everyone already on edge over the virus, I’m sure.

No word yet on filming schedules or when or where the series will premiere.

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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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