Keep Kerbal Space Program Safe From AT-ATs With This Stunningly Accurate Snowspeeder


Reddit user Hookswords recently posted his stunningly accurate recreation of the iconic Snowpeeder (technically a T-47 Airspeeder) from Empire Strikes Back– complete with the tow cable, vertical takeoff, and two Kerbal pilots. Perhaps the most amazing thing is the fact that Hookswords built the craft using almost entirely stock parts, something that a lot of these fantastical Kerbal Space Program creations lack. Other than a little help from the Infernal Rockets mod and a custom tow cable gun, the rest of the Snowpeeder is made from the same kind of parts that has been crashed into the surface of Mun on hundreds of failed missions (RIP Jeb).

While the developers, Squad, push the still-in-beta space simulator into more of a mission and science-driven direction, the modding community, along with a large amount of creative individuals, continue to bring a Minecraft-like level of creativity to the game. The biggest hurdle for KSP is its large barrier to entry for getting things to work. Unlike in Minecraft or similar games that require you to simply click somewhere and build, mastering Kerbal Space Program requires a lot of knowledge to get these custom made spacecraft of the launchpad. It’s that need for a certain level of rocket science that makes such accurate recreations like this Snowpeeder both rare and amazing when they work this well. As told through the short descriptions in his Imgur album, Hookswords has worked on several other recreations and this was one of the first that was actually aerodynamic and stable enough right from the get-go.

Click through the images below or check out the reddit thread where he posted the images as well as a craft file if you are a Kerbal player and interested in the build for yourself.

1 - bUIRawV 2 - GDng9Nr 3 - U5NJXfp 4 - J3VerDQ 5 - nzR0Qta 8 - 02RLXov 9 - K6w29eu Snow-Speeder

I’ve reached out to Hookswords to get some more insights on how he created this beauty and if he plans to create some AT-ATs to take down with them, but have not heard back.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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