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A while back we covered Journey, the journaling app for Android which has a real hint of Day One about it. That isn’t a direct criticism, Day One is a great Journaling app which is missing from Googley Play.  It followed a freemium path that made it sit much better within Apple’s App Store. One of the biggest criticism that could be levelled at Journey was the lack of a desktop client. After all, although journaling on the go is very useful (especially when traveling) there is a real use case for the ability to sit down, in front of a larger screen with an easy to use keyboard. Not only is this a quicker way to input but for many people, it will be more comfortable too.

Well, now your prayers have been answered as Journey have just released their Chrome app to sit alongside their Android app. These apps sync via Google Drive so if you’ve been using Journey on an Android device, then your entries will start to sync seamlessly. If you haven’t been using the Android app then you can just start journalling whenever you like. You can add media, such as a photo from your day or a video entry, enter your movement details (surprise you’ll probably be sitting for this one!) and it can add your location data and weather information automagically.

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You can also add tags which can help with searching through your entries.  This is done via one of several stylish options including a calendar view, a list view, a history of photos, tags and good old fashioned searching. There’s also an inspiration tab which provides quotes, statements and challenges to make you think and, hopefully, inspire you even if it is just to write a quick entry.

You can also set up a passcode so that your data is safe from other people who use your web browser and prevent your brother from looking into your journal.  One final point: it will even run offline. The app still lacks a few of the features found in DayOne such as alternative cloud providers (you are stuck with Google for now, no Dropbox or iCloud) or the menu bar features you can get on the Mac app. However, it is amazing what Journal can do from within Chrome.

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The future of Chrome?

It’s interesting to see a really well put together app (admittedly quite a simple one) make the move to Chrome as well. The functionality of the app really grows by providing both a desktop and mobile app (even if people only use one or the other). It would be great to see more developers insuring their apps can work on whatever device you have, but maybe with the changes coming in Chrome OS and the cross overs with Android this won’t be necessary.

Rounding up

If you are looking for a good journaling app for the desktop and use the Chrome browser then your should seriously check out Journey, it’s free to use and ties in great with Android. Of course, if you use a Mac and don’t mind paying a few bucks then DayOne is a great competitor and brings iOS integration.

[button link=”” icon=”fa-download” side=”left” target=”blank” color=”285b5e” textcolor=”ffffff”]Download Journey for Chrome[/button]

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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