Review: Elementary Icon Pack For Android Features Raised Pastel Icons

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One of the things I like the most about Android is the ability to customize. Throw on a launcher like Apex, download an icon theme pack or two, and away you go. There’s no shortage of icon packs, and more are coming online every day. One of the latest is Elementary Icon Pack by Travis Hall, and we take a look at it for this review.

I’ve never been a fan of circle icon packs, but they have been growing on me recently. The Elementary Icon Pack is no exception with it’s faded pastel colors, attention to detail, and enclosing outer ring on each icon.

Elementary Icon Pack icons and wallpaper (courtesy Travis Hall)

The icon set features over 1270 custom built icons and more than 75 wallpapers – ranging from abstract pastel compositions which complement the theme to photos and more. The wallpapers are hosted in the cloud to keep the install size low, and to allow the developer to update them without having to update the app itself.

Each icon consists of a round frame with the app icon either white or colored, and a corresponding colored background which matches the apps main color scheme in a pastel palette. The icon itself is raised in a 3D style with a bit of a drop shadow to give it some depth. To finish off each icon, a thin stroke reflecting one of the colors of the icon frames everything off nicely. We tested the icon pack on a number of devices (Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Tab 10.1) with various screen resolutions, and they looked crisp on each device we tested – you can definitely tell the amount of time spent on each icon in the set.

Icons which haven’t been created yet display the default app icon centered on a random circle background, which in some cases does make the icon a bit hard to see. Most of the popular apps are covered and there is an option within the app to request icons for apps that haven’t been done yet. Travis was quick to respond to the request for missing icons and they looked just as great as the existing ones given the short turnaround time. He also mentioned that for the first bit he’ll be updating on a weekly, then a bi-weekly, and finally a monthly basis once the bulk of icons for popular apps are completed.

The icon pack supports a wide range of launchers, and was easy to install using the dashboard that is typically found in the better app icon sets.  It should also be noted that Live Day calendar support is only available with Nova Launcher.

If you like what you see, you can snag the Elementary Icon Pack over on the Google Play Store for $1.50 USD. Also available is an Elementary Zooper Widget app which can be used to further theme your phone in an Elementary style.

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*We were sent a copy of Elementary Icons for this review

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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