Google’s Alan Eustace Breaks The Sound Barrier, Skydiving!


Alan Eustace is Google’s senior VP of knowledge and the man has some serious guts, not to mention money, to go skydiving from 135,890 feet breaking the sound barrier on his way down. Eustace self-funded the project with some sponsorship help from Redbull and spent three years planning it with his team. Google initially wanted to help Eustace with the project but he turned down the offer so as not to be accused of making it into a marketing scheme. Eustace took a 2 hour and 9 minute trip up in a ballon to 135,890 feet where he cut himself loose and began his descent to earth. He was wearing a suit similar to what astronauts were to protect him from the extreme conditions at that altitude.


Eustace reached a speed of 822 miles per hour and hit Mach 1.23 at that speed he broke the sound barrier and the sonic boom generated could be heard by Eustace’s ground team. Eustace free fell for over 4 minutes and through this jump, became only the second human to break the sound barrier (not inside of a machine) Felix Baumgartner being the first. I could go on and describe the whole thing to you but you probably already played the video so I’ll stop here and just ask. What did you think of Alan Eustace’s world record jump? Would you do this? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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