A Quick Look At Nest’s Revolv Aquisition


Google has an ultimate goal of bringing all your technology together, to make it seamless and integrated no matter what brand you choose to buy. Nest has shared that same goal since the creation of the company, long before the Google acquisition. In a bid to meet this goal, Nest has been working hard on “Works with Nest” so much so they have purchased Revolv to further the brand.

nest revolv worksRevolv, the markers of smart hubs for many other smart objects to ‘revolv’ around, have been big supporters of open source. Using several open source components to connect devices together and create their excellent developer platform, they too share the same ethos of Nest, highlighting them as inspiration to the creation of Revolv. As such, all members are understandably “thrilled to be part of the Nest family”.

Bringing yet more force behind the newly formed Thread protocol which was created by Nest in conjunction with Samsung and Arm. The Thread protocol is the underpinning of the “works with Nest”, and Google’s Nest’s answer to Apples Homekit. As much as they try and leave Nest to run itself, it is clear that all these acquisitions are part of a larger plan by Google to finally get their dream of Android @ home.


The acquisition is thought to be more about bringing Revolv’s developer talent on board, as opposted to retailing and improving the products that are already on sale. Owners of Revolv products have been assured the same service will carry on, and all warranties are still valid. More importantly users have been advised that “Revolv data will remain subject to the Revolv Privacy Statement and, like Nest data, will be separate from Google”.

nest google family

With Samsung now being the owner of the excellent home automation service SmartThings, and with Nest acquiring all sorts of home automation tech, the Thread protocol and “Works with Nest” has some heavy hitters behind it. It’s hard to see anyone else make headway in home automation without being swallowed up by, or joining with the new protocol.

Have you used a Revolv product? We would like to hear your thoughts on being part of Nest and how the tech works for you. Let us know on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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