Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour Talks Touring And Solo Album


David Gilmour, lead guitar player, lead singer and co-songwriter of The Pink Floyd (yes they were known as The Pink Floyd before it was shortened to Pink Floyd) talked with Rolling Stone about the latest Floyd album as well as his own solo project and possible tour. Yes, you read me right, tour. We’ve covered Floyd’s latest album, The Endless River, already and that’s due out on November 10th just over a week from now.

Gilmour says this is the end of the line for Pink Floyd, and all of their best remaining material will be released through this final album.

I’m really enjoying my life and my music. There’s no room for Pink Floyd. The thought of doing any more causes me to break out in a cold sweat.

All news we’ve heard before and expected, although we’re all very sad that the end of Pink Floyd draws nigh, Gilmour did give us a nugget of hope as to his own career. A new album forthcoming in 2015 as well as a possible tour which gives me hope that he may once again fly across the pond and grace us with his amazing music.

It’s coming along very well,” he says. “There are some sketches that aren’t finished, and some of them will be started again. There’s a few months’ work in it yet. I’m hoping to get it out this following year. Then I’m hoping to do an old man’s tour, not a 200-date sort of thing.

I’m pretty stoked about this, his “old man tour” may very well mean some dates in the UK and he may never come to the US but I am holding out hope! What do you think of Gilmour’s album/tour speculations? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

In the meantime, enjoy David Gilmour singing Sonnet 18, one of my favorite things he’s done solo.

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Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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