All About That Bass Gets A Star Wars Makeover Courtesy Of Team Unicorn And Nerdist


Meghan Trainor’s massive YouTube hit of the summer, All About That Bass, got its own Star Wars makeover, “All About That Base.” Produced by Nerdist and performed by Team Unicorn, the video and song parody takes the already outrageous visuals from the original and makes them Star Wars themed. It’s a pretty faithful recreation, with a lot of the sections being shot-for-shot parodies from the original video posted back in June, albeit in a different order.

The joke of All About That Bass being about a rebel base from Star Wars isn’t new, but this is definitely the most effort that has been put into it, and it came out pretty well – granted all they were doing was dancing in front of a green screen with costumes on.

Of course All About That Bass’s message of body acceptance is lost when translated to Star Wars, but that’s fine. It’s a light enough joke and they do a good job of fitting Star Wars references into the lyrics. Porkins (or who I’m assuming to be Porkins) dancing was the definite highlight for me.

My only real gripe with the song is that it’s mixed really weird and takes all the energy out of the song. The singers are way too quiet compared to the background music.

So give it a watch below, or check out the original, and prepare to have the song stuck in your head for a week or more.

Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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