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Experience Chicago Through This Awesome Time-lapse


Eric Hines is a Chicago photographer and time-lapse cinematographer who’s made a few notable time-lapses in the past, his first Chicago time-lapse was amazing in its own right. Now he’s back with a second installment and even better time-lapse of the great city of Chicago. Being a Chicago area native myself this timelapse is that much more special, Hines gives us a visual tool that helps us show non-Chicagoians just what our city looks like. Chicago’s architecture and cityscape is represented here with grace and timelessness, after all, Chicago is the birthplace of the skyscraper.

What’s also amazing about the video is Hines skills as a timelapse cinematographer, which is in a word, spectacular. Time-lapse photography/cinematography takes care and patience and Hines had to have both of those as it took him 2 years to complete this short video. It’s also evident that Hines loves what he does and loves the city in which he does it and that’s just awesome. If you’ve gotten this far into my words without watching the video I am truly shocked, so I’ll stop there and let you enjoy the amazing work of Eric Hines. His most recent work is first and his first Chicago timelapse follows after. Let us know what you think of Cityscape Chicago in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

  Source: Eric Hines Vimeo   Source: Eric Hines Website
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