Facebook Adding Granular Controls To Your Feed


Facebook adding granular controls to your feed is a big deal to a lot of users who desire the ability to filter the noise in their feeds. Sometimes you don’t want to unfollow someone but you sure would like to see less of their posts, and Facebook is now allowing you to do that. Controlling content flow from pages and likes is also available, sure I may like Facebook’s Facebook page but I don’t want to see every update they post. Check out the video below to check out how it works.


News Feed settings will now show a list of the top people, Pages and Groups that you’ve seen in your News Feed over the past week. You can choose to sort by people, Pages or Groups posts, or see an overall summary. Unfollow any friend, Page or Group if you don’t want to see their stories in your News Feed. You can also see who you’ve unfollowed in the past and can choose to re-follow them at anytime.

courtesy Facebook

If you see a story you’re not interested in or don’t want to see, you can tap the arrow in the top right of that story to hide it. Starting today, when you hide a story you’ll have the option to ask to see less from that person or Page.

What do you think of Faceook’s new granular controls? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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