Sex Tape Review: Marriage, Sex, and the Cloud


Just what do you do when you’ve recorded yourself having sex with your wife, only to find out it backed up to the cloud and replicated across old iPads you’d given away to friends? Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz find out in Sex Tape.

Segel and Diaz star as Jay and Annie, a couple who find their sex life lacking after getting married and having kids. The movie starts off with Annie and Jay (presumably) in college (tough sell I know) getting it on everywhere and anytime they can. The intro scene was well done as we see Annie writing on her computer, and realize she is reminiscing about their past sex life. Things take a turn one evening at Annie’s parents place as they announce they’re getting married. Later that evening, the couple swear to each other that their sex life won’t change one bit as a result of their changed circumstances. As any married couple with kids most likely knows, they were in for a definite surprise.

Jay and Annie find themselves alone one night and try to recharge their sex life.

Fast forward a few years as Annie and Jay now have two kids, and scene after scene hints at finally being able to have sex but something either comes up or they’re too tired and half asleep make plans for “Thursday”. One day Annie has an interview with a company who is interested in her blog, and after meeting with them, the company – headed by Rob Lowe, tells her they want to make her a substantial offer for her to come on board with them. Annie calls Jay and suggests they do something to celebrate, and end up settling on going rollerskating with the kids. Annie has other plans however and sends the kids off to her mother for a sleepover. Jay arrives home to find Annie wearing nothing but a skimpy outfit and roller skates, but the couple soon realizes that they’re not as young and spry as they used to be and, as Austin Powers would say, have lost their mojo.

Suggestion after suggestion fails until they pick an old copy of The Joy of Sex from the shelf and Annie suggests they record themselves attempting every position in the book. Jay agrees, sets up his iPad on a chair and after a 3 hour session, the video is recorded. As they doze off, Annie mumbles to Jay that she wants him to delete it and he promises her he will in the morning. Enter the cloud… upon waking up the next day, Jay gets a text from an unknown person claiming to have seen their sex tape recording. He realizes that his iPad was set to backup his files to the cloud through a third party app, and then remembers that he’d recently gifted his old iPads to friends. This usually wouldn’t be an issue but as part of the gifting of the older iPads, Jay left the cloud sync functionality on so the people he gave them to could access his large music collection. Oops!

The rest of the movie follows Jay and Annie as they try and collect the iPads they gave away, finding themselves blackmailed by an unexpected person who’d uploaded their video to YouP***, an adult website. Determined not to give in to the blackmailer, they set out to have the video removed from the website’s servers run by Jack Black – who definitely fit the role of a adult website entrepreneur in this movie. As one would expect, all’s well that ends well and by the end of the movie all copies of the sex tape are safely back in Jay and Annie’s possession.

Sex Tape was absolutely hilarious, Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz worked really well together as a sex-starved married couple. The minor roles by Rob Lowe and Jack Black really added to the movie as well. The writing was decent, the jokes and mishaps really funny, and the casting was great as well. Even though the movie released earlier this year, it is a pretty timely reminder given the recent iCloud celebrity breach. Through all the comedy and laughs, we are reminded that once something is in the cloud, it’s near impossible to get it back.

Last Updated on February 7, 2019.


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