Watch: “Do You Want To Build A Meth Lab?” Blends Breaking Bad And Frozen Perfectly


Earlier today, YouTube channel animeme posted a brilliant Breaking Bad and Frozen crossover. The video has Walter White (sounding eerily similar to Trey Parker) reccaping the events in the hit show to the tune of Frozen’s second biggest hit, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”.

WARNING: Heavy Breaking Bad Spoilers (duh)

In its 3-minute runtime, the parody manages to cram in a lot of the major plot points from Breaking Bad. It has everything from Walter being pants-less, to Jane dying, to Gus getting his face blown off, and many more. It even has a special little tribute to the most polarizing episode about Walter chasing a fly around the sterile cook room.

At the end, Walter is seen in full on Heisenberg asking Jesse the question again and, just like in the actual show that ended back in 2013, he clearly doesn’t want to. The slow zoom on the interior of his house shows several details from Breaking Bad like the speakers Jesse owns to the bags of money that Walt dropped off at one point. You know the ones: the bags of money that we all thought were the remains of Mike or something more sinister before it turned out to be cold hard cash.

The rest of the animeme’s YouTube channel is about what you’d expect from their name – a lot of animated memes. That’s certainly not my thing, and it may not be yours, but this video is at least one worth watching. Great writing and faithful references, good singing, decent animations and all around just a great little video.

Oh, and Walt, to answer your question. No. No he does not want to build a meth lab.

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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