Remember, Your Facebook Privacy Is In The Hands Of Facebook


Online privacy is becoming a bigger issue to internet users and large internet companies are starting to realize and address their concerns. Facebook privacy was a major concern for many this past year and Facebook has responded by giving users more granular control of certain areas of their profiles. But just because Facebook has given you  more control, doesn’t mean Facebook isn’t still using your data for its purposes.
Facebook executive Matt Scutari flat-out says, if you don’t want certain information to be known by Facebook, don’t share it on Facebook even privately.

“With most online services, there’s an understanding that when you use those services to share information, you’re also sharing information with the company providing the service,” said Matt Scutari, manager of privacy and public policy at Facebook. “I don’t think there are many services out there who could claim they’re not using your information that you’re sharing with them for any purpose.”

“For users who are truly concerned with sharing their information with a particular platform, honestly, you might not want to share information with that platform,” said Scutari.

That’s pretty much the hard core truth. Any and all websites that you share data with are probably going to use that data in some way, usually targeted advertising is their main motivation. If you don’t like Google, Bing, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Twitter to have access to your information, the only way to avoid that, is to stop giving them your information. The interconnected age is upon us and true privacy is really a thing of the past, unless you choose to be disconnected.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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