Google Fiber 1Gbps Service Will Cost $70 In Austin

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Google Fiber 1Gbps service has arrived in Austin and it will set back users of the service $70 a month, which isn’t all that bad considering Comcast averages $50 a month for 50Mbps service. For $20 more you’re getting quiet a bit more download speed and performance. Google is also offering a free basic plan which gives users 5Mbps download and a 1Mbps upload speed, doesn’t sound like much but it is free and for some, this is all they would need. Google did say that all customers would need to pay a one time “construction fee” of $300 which sounds like their way of paying the costs of infrastructure.


The $70 1Gbps plan will give you the option of waving the $300 construction fee IF you agree to a one year contract with Google Fiber. Google is also offering a third plan for $130 which gives you 1Gbps Internet service and 1TB cloud storage, and more than 150 TV channels and the ability to record up to 8 shows at once. Google didn’t disclose a planned date for service to start, right now they’re just taking orders for the service starting in December. Google hopes to challenge the likes of Comcast and AT&T with better faster services but the question remains, will they be able to extend this program throughout the country in a timely manner. We sure hope they do.

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  Source: Computerworld   Via: Google Fiber Google+

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