New Google Glass Patent Is Even More Futuristic


Oh Google Glass. Probably the most geeky, awesome push in mobile technology in a long time.  Unfortunately it’s just met so much backlash from the public and the mainstream media that the mobile revolution Google was looking make might not happen in the time frame they had in mind. While at the Google campus, Google Glass is getting used to it’s full potential, proving that if a community is actually comfortable with the device it might just be a pretty amazing addition to your life. Despite the Glass team working hard to make Glass appealing to the masses, there is always a counterpart that will gladly point out that you look like a Gl***hole. Despite this, the Glass team is still going, and I’m glad about that. I think Glass has some pretty amazing applications.

Today a new Google Glass patent was released that details a new design for glass that, dare I say it, is even more futuristic. The design features the same sleek metal band that wraps around your brow, with a shiny crystal of glass that projects the virtual world into your cornea. Something to note that in the drawings, the nose support has disappeared. One of the bigger changes in the design is that the entire display/camera unit has moved from the right side of your head to the left. Not quite sure what that is about, but I’m sure some swanky corporate science was involved.

Courtesy USPTO
Courtesy USPTO

The camera, one of the most useful and more controversial features of Glass, still sits beside the display, ready to capture anything, anywhere. Perhaps most notably, the giant battery, the one that hung off behind your ear in the Explorer Edition, has disappeared. Two smaller, yet not tiny, ear hooks on either side have replaced it; whether they are batteries remains to be seen. I hope Google has developed the ability to harvest your brain’s excess electrical signals, eliminating the need for batteries altogether, don’t you? Another change to the design seen in the patent drawings is that the top camera button seems to be missing, as well as a slimmed down, tactile pad that runs parallel to your line of sight. It also looks like a material change has been made, with a clearly textured surface depicted in the drawings.

Courtesy USPTO
Courtesy USPTO

This news, paired with yesterday’s news of Google using Intel chips in a new iteration of Glass, could lead to a very interesting 2015.

What are your thoughts on Glass? Do you own them? Are you waiting for them to drop in price? Drop us a line and tell us your thoughts on Google Glass.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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