Last Minute Gift Ideas For That Oddly Specific Geek In Your Life


Look, we all know that geeks can be picky and every single one is unique in our own (sometimes strange) way, but that’s no reason to not buy an awesome present. No one wants to unwrap a present Christmas morning and see a pair of Yoda socks and $10 gift card to Hot Topic. What you need are some solid gift ideas.

With that said, we here at MOARGeek have compiled a quick and easy list of presents to buy the geeks in your life who are into oddly specific things. Whether it’s your friend, co-worker, slightly racist older relative, or cousin that won’t stop licking everything in your house, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive geek shopping guide. From our geek, to yours.

>> For your World of Warcraft Arena partner who breaks into hives if he ever sees an LCD screen and the only cure is delicious toasted bagels.

>> The perfect gift for your co-worker that wants to sneak whiskey into the office Christmas party but hasn’t thought it through all the way.

>> For your friend who is really into The Walking Dead and would love a signed Andrew Lincoln print… but she didn’t like that post on Facebook of your cat doing that adorable thing that one time so whatever she gets this cheap reprint instead.

>> The must-have gift for your friend that enjoys taking photography in the rain and inseminating cows in his spare time.

>> For your Internet Explorer-loving grandma that keeps tagging you in mildly-racist, low quality Facebook memes.

>> For that friend you constantly 1v1 on Smash Bros. Wii U who always gets to McDonalds at 11:35 am and WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU STOP SERVING BREAKFAST AT 11:30 I THOUGHT IT WAS NOON THIS IS BULLS&%*!

>> For your super-talented tech blogging friend who wants to get into podcasting, already has a few good episode ideas lined up, but just doesn’t have the money to buy herself a decent mic.
>> …and for that other friend who played Jetforce Genini on the N64 that one time and wants to make a “hilarious” video about it.

>> Your creepy nephew that is way too into Minecraft and always licking all the lamps in your house would love to see this gift under the tree

>> For that “friend” you played Halo with one time who is always expressing his interest in keeping small children locked in boxes, but you want to satisfy that urge before he ends up in prison. 

>> Perfect for your friend who is into Star Trek, but gullible enough to believe that an oil defuser is an alien transmitter 

>> For literally anybody, because these carpets are still the best thing ever

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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