1977 Pontiac Trans Am From Smokey And The Bandit Sells For $480,000 At Auction

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The 1977 Pontiac Trans Am that Burt Reynolds drove during his time as Bandit in the late-’70s comedy Smokey and the Bandit sold for an astonishing $480,000 in Vegas over the weekend. Among the other items selling for insane amounts because Burt Reynolds happened to touch them were a jacket from Stroker Ace which sold for over $9,000, his football helmet from The Longest Yard going for $20,000, and a canoe (A CANOE) from Deliverance made $17,500.

Not much is actually known about the classic car, other than the fact that Reynolds himself held onto it for all these years. In images posted by Julien’s Auction house, the venue that hosted the auction, it’s clear that the classic legendary Pontiac was kept in relatively good condition by Reynolds, at least that’s how it looks to my completely untrained eye. Confirming the authenticity of the vehicle, and proof for whoever bought it that they really spent almost half a million dollars on a car owned by Burt Reynolds, is a gold plaque denoting that the car was in fact owned by Bandit himself.

Seeing the car invokes a lot of nostalgia for Smokey and the Bandit fans. A throwback to a time when movies were about muscle cars, twangy music, giant mustaches, and illegally smuggling beer – the perfect mix of desire that let Burt Reynolds be a mainstay in pop-culture for so long.

Julien’s estimated the Trans Am would sell for around $80,000, and the starting bid was a mere $30,000. Also included in the auction were various pieces of memoribilia from Reynolds’ childhood, as well as Star Wars memorabilia.

Source: Julien’s Auctions Via: Yahoo Autos

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