5 new car tech features you’re going to wish your vehicle had

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If you’ve decided to trade in your old car for a new whip, be prepared to relearn the concept of driving. Vehicles today are almost as smart as the gadget you keep in your pocket, but they’re much more complex and come complete with sophisticated systems that can do everything from preventing head-on collisions to steer you safely through traffic. Yeah, and you thought the iPhone X was something to brag about.

While a lot of the high-end technology is reserved for the high-end automobiles, there are a few features that you’ll find even in the most affordably priced sedans. If you’re interested in brushing up on your new-car-technology before heading to the dealership, this post offers a quick glimpse at key features you need to know about.

Steer clear of trouble

Many of the luxury car manufacturers have developed whole departments which are solely dedicated to the creation of completely autonomous vehicles. Take BMW for instance: it’s determined to create a self-driving luxury car that people can trust (as in, not crash on its first, fifth, or even 100th time out on the main road). However, not everyone can drop big money on four wheels and fancy technology.

Lexus and Volvo are manufacturers known for producing reasonably-priced vehicles, they have redesigned their crossovers and SUVs so that they’re fully equipped with safety steering features. The car will literally take control in certain situations to avoid collisions. Lexus’s model even comes with automated braking. If it senses a person or object in your path, it will apply the brakes and steer you away from trouble.

Take BMW for instance: it’s determined to create a self-driving luxury car that people can trust (as in, not crash on its first, fifth, or even 100th time out on the main road).

TV on the go

Most vehicles these days are equipped with Wi-Fi hotspots. Lincoln apparently decided that Wi-Fi wasn’t good enough and has equipped its latest Navigator with Slingbox streaming technology. This technology can stream cable and live video on the road. With some of the most comfortable car seats on the market, a luxury interior, a dual-screen rear entertainment system, and now this, Lincoln has officially created the ultimate road trip vehicle. If the Navigator sounds like something you’re interested in, read more to find an auto loan to fund your purchase (your kids will thank you).

Augmented reality

Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars for repairs that you’re pretty sure you could have done yourself had you only known what you were looking at? So are a lot of people, which is why Hyundai has developed the augmented reality treatment. Its new Genesis features a virtual guide that can be accessed via a smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is point your gadget at a suspect component and the app will pull up a guide that tells you how the system functions, what it’s for, and how it can be repaired. The app includes over 135 how-to videos and over 25 images.

Parking spot assist

If you live in a busy city, you’ve likely put off buying a car for years for the sole purpose of negating the parking spot fiasco. After all, you’ve witnessed neighbors, roommates, and even your spouse circle for hours trying to find a spot that is safe, convenient, and large enough to fit their vehicles. Well, thanks to modern technology, you don’t have an excuse to not buy a car any longer.

Apps like Parkmobile and iDrive allow drivers to reserve and pay for spots in advance. This is perfect for city dwellers and individuals who want to enjoy a weekend out without wasting hours finding parking. Many vehicles are equipped with sensors, alarms, backup cameras, and even self-parking systems that make parking in tight spaces easier and safer than ever.

Bug-free Bluetooth

Like Wi-Fi hotspots, many cars today are equipped with Bluetooth capabilities. However, if you’ve ever slid into a car with such a feature, or if you’ve ever talked to someone on the phone who was using his or her car’s Bluetooth system, you know that the technology is far from perfect. Or, it was. Whereas older Bluetooth systems don’t know when to sync or which device to sync to, newer cars make it easy by providing a platform on which you tap your device. Once a device is tapped, it will be the only device the car syncs with during that ride.

Driving has already been elevated from a chore to a hobby thanks to technology. 2018’s features, however, rival all the old ones and may make it so that drivers may never want to leave their vehicles again.

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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