Contest: Maglus Wants To See Your Best Chris Hadfield Drawing


We’ve reviewed a Maglus Stylus here at Techaeris and found it to be quite fantastic.  That’s nothing compared to Maglus’ most recent fan, Canadian Astronaut and all-around awesome guy, Chris Hadfield.  Noel, from Maglus Designs, had the opportunity to meet Commander Hadfield at a book signing in Dublin.  Noel asked if Chris would mind too terribly signing Noel’s book with a new Maglus stylus + graphite tip.  Chris obliged, and came away impressed.


Maglus can now proudly proclaim that 100% of all Astronauts polled like Maglus!  To celebrate, they’re giving away some sweet Maglus gear.  Hit up the source link for all of the details, but to get you started, the rules are pretty simple – create a drawing of Chris Hadfield.  Maglus would love if you could create this drawing with a Maglus stylus, and post it to Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter with the hashtag #chrishadfieldmaglus before December 31st.  They’ll pick a winner right around the beginning of the year.

The winners will get some more Maglus gear:

  • First prize is a Maglus Notebook with Graphite Tip, and two Maglus Stylii of winner’s choice
  • First runner-up prize is a Maglus Stylus of winner’s choice
  • Second runner-up prize is a Maglus Stylus of winner’s choice

Be sure to hit up the source link for the rest of the rules and regulations.  The contest is open until December 31st only, so be sure to get your drawings done soon!  Feel free to share your drawings with us on any of our social networks, we’re all big fans of Commander Hadfield here at Techaeris too!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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