Toast Cover Review: Toshiba Chromebook 2 Cover

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You may recall that I’m a big fan of my Toshiba Chromebook 2.  If not, go ahead and read my review so you’ll know why I like it so much. The screen is, of course, the big selling point on this particular model, but the rest of the chassis isn’t too shabby either.  What if you could class up the cover of your Chromebook 2 even more with very little effort?  In this Toast cover review, I’ll explain just how easy it is.

We’ve been able to review several other Toast products in the past, and all have earned high marks.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but the Bamboo cover for my Toshiba Chromebook 2 looks incredible.  Well, the cat’s out of the bag, so let’s just look at how we got to this point shall we?


Toast covers look amazing, but installation is a one-shot deal.  If you screw up the initial placement, taking the cover off will ruin it so you’ll want to be very careful here.  Thankfully, the Toshiba Chromebook 2 cover is fairly easy to install.  Unlike some other Toast products, this cover does not wrap around the corners of the device, and simply fits directly on top of the textured lid.  The cover itself should fit perfectly, but it’s a good idea to take the cover out of the package and line everything up on the device before removing the backing paper.  One available option – a $5 etching – leaves a circular hole in the cover that lines up perfectly with the Chrome logo on the front of the device.  This makes lining up the cover for installation even easier.

Lining Up - Practice makes perfect
Lining Up – Practice makes perfect

I’m going to say it again – the Toast installation process is a one-shot deal.  Take your time, be careful, and you’ll have an amazing cover on your Chromebook. The instructions that came with my Toast cover were for the Macbook Pro model, but I was told that the installation process should be pretty similar for the Chromebook 2.  I found that with the Chrome etching available as a guide, it was easier to go with a bit of a hybrid installation, similar to the Toast video install on an iPhone 5.

The flat back with no corner wrappings make for a similar, though bigger, process on the Chromebook 2. The Macbook instructions recommend removing 1/3 of the backing paper starting at the bottom, then lining up the hinges on the Macbook.  This wasn’t particularly applicable on the Chromebook 2 though, so I removed the entire backing, doing my best not to touch the adhesive.  Then while holding the etched Chrome corner with one hand and the diagonally opposite corner in the other, I slowly lowered the cover, being careful not to press anything down.  When placed lightly on top of the Chromebook you’ll still have a bit of wiggle room to ensure that everything is lined up as it should be.

Once you’ve gotten everything lined up, simply press down, starting in the corners, and work your way across the entire cover.  You won’t need to press too hard, because you won’t want to damage that gorgeous screen on the other side of the lid.  The adhesive will hold tight to the nicely textured lid, and you’ll have an amazing new cover on your Toshiba Chromebook 2!

One thing you’ll notice when removing the backing paper, this particular cover has a section of the backing paper that stays on even after the rest has been removed.  This will line up with the Toshiba logo on the front of the device, and is meant to protect that area from adhesive.  Toast takes extra care to ensure that your device will look as good as new if you ever decide to remove your cover.

Overall Look

In a word – amazing. In several more words – The Toast bamboo cover for the Toshiba Chromebook 2 adds a high-quality outer layer that will both protect, and beautify your device.  My Chromebook usually sits off to the side of my computer and I’ll often find myself staring at it, it looks that good. The bamboo cover in particular enhances the style of the Chromebook 2 perfectly.  If bamboo isn’t your style, Toast also offers a walnut, ash, or ebony variety. Maybe it’s just me, but I think the bamboo just fits with this device, though walnut would have been my second choice.  One very minor quibble, Toast covers routinely tout that their covers “give your gadget instant grip, protection and seriously shiny style.” The protection and style are on point, but the Chromebook 2 may be the only instance where a Toast cover does not add grip to your device.  You’ll notice that I’m not docking Toast for this, because the overall style, and aesthetic are so completely perfect.

Price and Value

Starting at $54, this Toast cover is very reasonably priced.  For your money, you’re getting a real sustainable wood cover that is laser cut to fit your device perfectly, and hand finished to provide a very high quality look unlike most any stock option. For an additional $5 you can get the Chrome etching, and for another $5 you can add custom text laser etched into your cover. For as little as $59 you can get a real wood cover that is customized to be your very own.  You can probably find cheaper covers for your devices, but I can practically guarantee they won’t look anywhere near as good as a Toast cover.

Wrap Up

So you’ve got a shiny new Toshiba Chromebook 2 and want a unique cover to add some protection and style to your device?  Maybe you have some other device you’d like to wrap up in a high-quality wood cover?  You owe it to yourself to see what Toast has to offer.  They provide high-quality wraps and covers for loads of devices in enough different styles to allow you to make your cover truly your own.

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*We were sent a Toast cover for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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