Benedict Cumberbatch As Dr. Strange Image Is Just Fan Art, Still Gorgeous

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The Internet proved once again how careful and well-placed its excitement can be when it blew a tweet out of proportion on Sunday. Director of the upcoming Dr. Strange film, Scott Derrickson, tweeted out a very impressive fan artist representation of Benedict Cumberbatch with a goatee, which many assumed to be an official confirmation of his appearance when the movie is released.

To fans’ credit, the piece is really well done. You can’t go wrong with a goatee’d Benedict Cumberbatch and a galaxy overlay. As the tweet exploded, dozens of articles were written, and the story ran wild all over Facebook and Twitter, Derrickson realized he may have made a mistake. The next day he tweeted the correction of course, letting fans know that it was simply some great art he found, and like everyone else on the planet, he wanted to share it.

When it was first posted, the image had no credit by Derrickson and only appeared on Google reverse image search once, so many news outlets understandably assumed it was official art, rather than a fan’s doing. As it turns out, it was done by digital artist, Don Franco.

So, no, we still have yet to see Cumberbatch or what he’ll officially look like as Dr. Strange, but there is still a ton of other (equally impressive) fanart floating around. If you’re interested in seeing more, Screenrant put together a pretty good compilation.

Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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