Lizard Squad Sets Sight on Anonymous Service Tor


It’s been an eventful Christmas holiday for the hacker group known as the “Lizard Sqaud”.  The group came into the public eye earlier when the orchestrated an attack on both Sony’s PlayStation Network and Microsoft’s Xbox Live networks. Both networks were down for much of Christmas Day and ended only when Kim Dotcom, hacker turned entrepreneur and owner of the file sharing site Mega, appears to have paid them off with premium MegaPrivacy accounts.  The group tweeted that they have called off the attack, citing a new target: the anonymous Internet service Tor. Tor works by directing its users’ traffic across several volunteer provided nodes throughout the world, masking the traffic’s source of origin and, presumably, a user’s location and identity.  Lizard Squad posted a tweet boasting that they’ve compromised and taken control of thousands of the network’s nodes:

Estimates have the network at around 8000 nodes, so if it is true that Lizard Squad controls close to half, it is possible that they can leverage that control and expose the identities of Tor’s users.  It is not known at this time why Lizard Squad has focused their attention on Tor, nor is there any indication as to what, if anything, its members plan to do now that they may have seized control.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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