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Moshi iGlaze Armour iGlaze XT Review For iPhone 6 Plus


My normal review format has always been in written form – I tend to be more comfortable typing my words out and I express myself much better through written word. For the Moshi iGlaze Armour iGlaze XT Review I decided to do a video review instead. Breaking up an article that reviews two products can sometimes be a challenge so I thought it would be easier to cover both these cases in one 10 minute video. Check out the full video review below and a written wrap-up after that. I promise, the video reviews will get better!


The Moshi iGlaze XT is a ultra-minimal case with moderate protection perfect for those who want to keep the look of their iPhone and still have some semblance of protection. The Moshi iGlaze Armour offers far better protection for your device and is slick looking, offering a visual upgrade to the iPhone. The fit of the Armour is ultra-snug, and installation and removal can be a challenge. The power button and volume rocker are integrated into the hybrid shell and can sometimes take effort to press. Other than those two issues the Armour is an awesomely striking case that is well worth a look at. Hit the links below to get your Moshi iGlaze XT or iGlaze Armour.

Moshi iGlaze Armour
4.7 Out of 5
Nailed it
The iGlaze Armor has great protection and awesome design.
Needs Work
Pricey and power/volume buttons are hard to push
Bottom Line
Great case for your phone but be aware of the power button issues.
Moshi iGlaze XT
4.1 Out of 5
Nailed it
The iGlaze XT has a slim design, almost like it's not there.
Needs Work
Pricey for such a small case.
Bottom Line
Very minimal protection and expensive.
*We were sent demo units of Moshi cases for the purposes of this review.
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