Will A Kodak Android Phone Be Something Worth Buying?


Android is literally everywhere in the world market, there are a plethora of devices to choose from on all corners of the globe. From large well known companies like Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and Motorola to small lesser known companies (on U.S. shores) like Blu, Meziu, Oppo and Xiaomi. Now there’s another name throwing their hat into the Android ring, Kodak. But is a Kodak Android phone going to be something people will want to buy?

It wasn’t that long ago (at least in my mind) that Kodak was one of the most well known brands on the planet and certainly in the United States. I remember driving up to the little Kodak one day photo finishing store in the middle of a supermarket parking lot with my parents to drop off our rolls of film for developing, that was something! Back then Kodak was an authority in consumer film and cameras and people trusted the brand like people trust Google or Apple today. But times have changed, film has all but died and the Kodak name has nearly died with it.


Now Kodak is partnering with Bullitt Group to create their very first foray into the smartphone world and the cameras inside those smartphones. Bullitt Group already partners and creates a line of rugged Android smartphones with the CAT branding on them which they showed off at CES 2014. This year Bullitt is hoping to take the Kodak brand and use it to market Android powered smartphones that are built around photography.

“Kodak is one of the world’s most recognisable brands. It is trusted by consumers as a marque of quality and innovation,” says Oliver Schulte, CEO Bullitt Mobile. “We’ve taken that heritage and used it to inspire a range of beautifully designed devices that will let users take great pictures and edit, share, store and print them in an instant.”

The idea seems solid and perhaps there is a market there. But does the Kodak name hold enough weight to translate to sales for Bullitt? There are already a wide variety of services through existing apps and phones that will do what Bullitt and Kodak are proposing to do. In an already crowded market of Android powered smartphones, what does Kodak really have to offer that would make someone choose them over Motorola, Samsung, HTC or Nexus? We hope to find out at CES 2015 as we travel there in just about a week.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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