10Gbps Internet Speed Can Be Yours For $400 A Month

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If you’re very unsatisfied with your current Internet download speeds and are itching for an upgrade. Then why not move to Minneapolis where you can now get 10Gbps Internet Speed through US Internet for $400 a month? That’s right, US Internet is now offering what is being dubbed as “the world’s fastest Internet”. The average consumer sees a 30Mbps download speed, generally good enough for most consumers, but if you have $400 a month to spend, you could be getting 300 times the capacity.


US Internet doesn’t mention the equipment needed to actually receive the 10Gbps speeds to your home. They may be able to produce such speeds but the hardware on the users end needs to be able to disperse that level of speed. It’s very possible that US Internet will provide a Gateway that can handle those speeds included in the price, at least you think they would, but prepare to upgrade your hardware to make use of those speeds. Google is already offering Fiber speeds of 1Gbps in a few cities across the US but that’s still 10 times slower than what US Internet is offering (but also cheaper).

Often times consumers are seeking faster speeds to accommodate things like heavy media streaming and online peer-to-peer gaming which takes a decent amount of bandwidth. If you’re an average consumer who watches Netflix and surfs the web, 10Gbps is overkill and really a waste of your money. Netflix recommends a 25Mbps connection to stream their Ultra HD content and really anything between 25 and 50Mbps is going to work just fine for most consumers. It’s pretty impressive to be able to push a 10Gbps connection but $400 is a car payment for many regular consumers and just not worth that kind of money right now. As the technology continues to grow and spread you will see pricing come down and level off and I am sure somewhere in the future we will have an actual need for such speeds but right now it’s more of “look what I can do” announcement. You can read US Internet’s press release below.

What do you think of US Internet’s 10Gbps capacity? Would you be interested in Internet that’s 10 times faster? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Minnetonka, December 2014: US Internet redefines the phrase ” broadband internet “with the launch of it’s new 10GB internet service available to residential and small business owners , the fastest service the world has ever seen.

The launch of our US Internet’s 10 GBPS service will make Minneapolis the first City in the World to receive access to the internet at a speed never seen in the before, with matching download and upload speeds.

From a recent study the US ranks 31st in the world in download speed (av. 20.77 GBPS), compared to Hong Kong who holds the number 1 position at 72.49 GBPS, UNTIL NOW!

US Internet provides: $399 per month guarantees our premier service, which includes all customer equipment and management assured excellent customer service.

Competitors 2014 / 2015: GOOGLE is introducing a similar network in 2017; VERIZON is currently testing their 10G GBPS, but have no implementation date; US INTERNET is tested and ready to be in your home’s at effective December 18th 2014 – sign up now!

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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