MOARGeek Saturday Twitch Stream 1-10-15: Golden Sun, Kirby Super Star, Super Mario Kart


The MOARGeek Saturday Twitch Stream is going old school ya’ll! Ok, Golden Sun might not yet be considered old enough to be “old school,” having been released in 2001, but it’s on the virtual console, and Matt loves it, so it’s counting. On top of playing the GBA classic, we’ll also be playing SNES gems Kirby Super Star and Super Mario Kart. Most of the time will likely be dedicated to Golden Sun, but the next two will be lined up just in case.
Want a nice dose of nostalgia? Want to watch Matt be helplessly lost in a game that he hasn’t played in over a decade? Come join us at the MOARGeek Twitch channel tonight at 8:30 Eastern Standard Time.
The MOARGeek Twitch stream can be found at Be sure to follow so you know when we go live.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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