Free Juice! UK McDonald’s Now Providing Wireless Charging


So your visit to McDonald’s provides you with all the trans fats and processed food your heart desires. After a successful trial, 50 UK restaurants will be providing even more reason to visit by installing free wireless charging points for your gadgets.

Since the lengthy trail, which is described as “going very well”, McDonald’s has inked a deal with Aircharge. They will provide around 600 wireless charge points in 50 of their outlets. All of the charge points will be waterproof and easy clean, providing wireless charging in the Qi standard. Qi is backed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) which seems to have become the industry standard.

“This is a major step for McDonald’s, but in a way they are catching up with other restaurants across the world who have already deployed Qi in their establishments.” – John Perzow, vice president of market development for the WPC

Aircharge have claimed that most customers were willing to extend a McDonald’s visit by up to 30 minutes to use one of the charging mats, so you can see why McDonald’s would want to spend so much installing a huge amount of points into their outlets.

mcdonalds qi ronald
Charged up and ready to go!

Aircharge was also quick to respond to criticism regarding the small number of phones supporting wireless charging. Aircharge will also be providing a wireless charging receiver to enable any phone to be charged using the mats, adding “So next time you’re in the UK, make sure you get a wireless charge to go with your chips!”

We as yet are unsure of the intention to roll the technology out to the remaining 1,200 other UK outlets, as for now the 50 taking part are all in London. However with lots of retailers looking to give increased value and a reason to visit their stores – McDonald’s may have no choice.

This may be only the start of a larger roll out of charging points. There is hope investment like this may motivate more manufacturers into including Qi charging into their handsets as it has been conspicuously absent from a number of phones.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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