Patton Oswalt: Live At The Orpheum Theater January 14th

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Just days after selling out the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City, the talented comedian, actor, and writer Patton Oswalt graced the stage at The Orpheum Theater, in Madison Wisconsin on January 14th. The stand-up show was the last leg of the first segment of his book tour promoting his latest release: Silver Screen Fiend.

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Dressed casually in jeans, a grey Henley, and an open red plaid button up, Oswalt walked out on stage to an-almost full room to upwards of 1,500 people. Delivering fresh material for even the most well-versed fans, the comedian went through his bit gracefully and with the classic storytelling style fans have come to adore. Adding in a work-in-progress piece (no spoilers here) that didn’t exactly play out the way he had planned, Oswalt was able to spin it and dig a bit deeper in his repertoire to keep the show going.
With the more relaxed setting at Orpheum, as opposed to the Carnegie Hall show, he was able to do a bit of crowd-work that started off hysterically and went for an unusual turn when he found a Milwaukee news person in the front row. After finding out details on the rioting in Milwaukee, Oswalt tried to skillfully move to the next audience member, fishing for something to make a good d**do joke to, only to find a non-for-profit working with the homeless. Luckily he was saved by the next audience member who worked with film, to which he exclaimed: “Well I’m glad to hear the film business isn’t dying because neither is injustice or homelessness, apparently.”
Despite dancing around in dangerous territory, Oswalt masterfully played the crowd and delivered his jokes as one would only expect from such an experienced comedian. With topics ranging from the perils of letting your children watch television to some light politics, the show was entirely enjoyable from start to finish and well worth the trek out in a blustery silver-screen-fiend-patton-oswaltJanuary night.
Oswalt’s tour resumes January 23rd at the LA Public Library in Beverly Hills, CA for a book signing. He will continue to mix stand-up shows and book signing events through mid-February, you can check out the details of events on his official website, or follow him on his rather active Twitter account. His latest novel, Silver Screen Fiend, can be found on-line at Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as at local retailers like Target.

Last Updated on October 20, 2022.


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