Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #8 Review: Going Home

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His company stolen, the immortal city in ruins, his master slain, and his fists shattered. After losing it all can Danny survive a trip to hell and re-forge his fists of iron?
Last we saw Danny he was just starting to recover from the beating he got from “The One,” a mechanical monster wearing the face of his dead father. The book opens up to what seems to be a nightmare after having just entered a portal to hell. From the very start of this series it has had a very large focus on Danny’s emotional distress accompanied by powerful symbolism, and this issue is no different.
The nightmare starts out as a memory of the start of the series, and then Danny is suddenly confronted by a small child who begins to question and mock him, which possibly represents Danny’s guilt and fear of not being a good man and turning into his father. Throughout this scene there is also a really great inner monologue comparing his life to the story of Buddha.
As the issue continues Danny is put face to face with a devil and is forced to confront his lingering emotions about his dead mother. Despite all of the mystical kung-fu stuff (which is awesome!) you still really feel and empathize with Danny like he was a real person. Longtime fans of Iron Fist and anyone who has been following this series from the start will really feel the power and emotion in the transformation Danny is going through. As he goes through the different levels of hell he comes face to face with the lord of death who looks like a wolf, which is significant because Danny’s mother was killed by a pack of wolfs. After defeating him he wears its hide and proclaims he has “become death.” This goes to greater illustrate the guilt he has over his mother’s death; the entire sequence is beautifully done.
The only real complaint I have with this issue is the high contrast aesthetic the underworld scenes have. They are a bit bright and hard to follow at times on some of the more action packed pages, despite how beautiful they may have been.
The issue also has some great action in it with Danny fighting the demons to get to his mother. Not to mention the final page has a cool new costume reveal and next issue is sure to be action packed.

Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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