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Strolling through the Las Vegas Convention Center at CES 2015 is a massive undertaking and even if you spent every hour that it’s open you probably wouldn’t see everything there is to see. I was lucky enough to run across a VR company who’s working on an untethered virtual reality headset, the Sulon Cortex. Unfortunately I didn’t get any hands on time with the device at CES as it was by appointment only and I happened to run into the booth on Friday, bummer. But on paper this thing sounds amazing. Sulon’s goal is to enhance the way we experience the world, by using proprietary technology to combine virtual and augmented reality across a number of industries.

Sulon Cortex combines next-generation virtual and augmented technologies to revolutionize the way we experience our physical surroundings. Cortex is a spatially aware, wearable head-mounted device combined with a software platform that enables immersive augmented virtual reality experiences in a single, standalone device. Through a digital visor and a spatial scanner, the Cortex can conjure virtual beings into the physical space around you, or whisk you out of reality entirely. The demo of the Sulon Cortex was closed off (guarded by two scary security guards) so I couldn’t observe it, but I did manage a peek into the booth which didn’t help much due to the large wall in the way.

The Cortex is the only standalone, self-contained VR solution on the market, which makes it the only VR headset that can deliver completely untethered user experiences. It also augments your physical surroundings, rather than the strictly virtual reality approach of other counterparts – its spatial scanner allows it to seamlessly fuse virtual and physical spaces.

The Cortex contains its own high-powered wearable computing platform, but you can also connect it to a PC or smartphone/tablet to increase computing power for higher graphical fidelity and performance, if the software commands it. This is completely optional and dependent on the software developer’s implementation of the technology, more so to show the future potential of Cortex’s processing capabilities. Seems that Sulon is taking a different route than both the Oculus Rift and the Razer OCVR and we’re excited to see what’s to come from this company.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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