Saturday's MythBusters Episode Will Be DOOM-Themed


The next target for the MythBusters and their takedown of pop culture myths will be none other than the iconic DOOM franchise. Just last week Jamie and Adam tackled a series of Indiana Jones-themed myths and this Saturday the duo is turning their attention to video games.
Id Software’s Tim Willits will be on the show to help Adam and Jamie set up an entire level for Adam to play through with a first-person camera mounted on his head, which we can see in a short promo clip posted by DOOM publisher Bethesda Softworks. Outside of the question that always plagues FPS games – can someone actually carry all those guns, health packs, and ammo around? – it isn’t revealed what else specifically will be busted. There is a satisfying amount of DOOM-related items laying around in the video however, including a chainsaw and a modified handgun.

Depending on how much they decide to cover in the hour-long show, the DOOM franchise should provide the ‘Busters with plenty of material. Could the Cyberdemon and his arm-mounted rocket launchers actually exist? What about the BFG? Does playing a game such as DOOM cause aggression? Should the 2005 DOOM film have even been made (and why the hell did they make the story about being “infected” instead of portals to the underworld)?
Adam and Jamie pledged a more in-depth approach to busting myths ever since Tory, Grant, and Kari left the show before the show’s 2015 season began. So far that has proved to be true, with more detail presented for specific builds, and how the myths are actually determined to be busted or true.
At a ComicCon Panel back in 2010, Adam did say that the team has had several video game ideas floating around for a while, but to date none have been done on the show.
The MythBusters DOOM special is set to air on Discovery on Saturday, January 31st at 9/8c.
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Correction: Air date was incorrectly listed as Sunday. All references have been changed to correctly reflect the Saturday air date. 

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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