Club Nintendo Going Out With A Bang: 100+ Games And Physical Items Up For Grabs


In what will end up being the last batch of rewards for Club Nintendo members, Nintendo has made an unprecedented number of games and physical products available to be redeemed. In total, at the time of this writing, there are 126 items on the service, most of which are games that can be had for anywhere from 200-700 Coins.
CN_ゼルダジグソーパズル紙袋_04.aiThe physical items are pretty lackluster compared to the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask soundtrack that EU Club members have available, but there is still a bit of selection. A lot of the physical items for US members are ones that have been around for a while, such as a special edition 3DS Game Card Case, Smash Bros. posters, and a Retro Mario T-Shirt. The most interesting addition is the “Fierece Deity Link Jigsaw Puzzle” which has a great piece of Majora’s Mask art waiting to be torn apart and put back together.
As far as the games go – Nintendo certainly didn’t skimp out. Over 100 games are available and they range from nearly everything on the Wii U virtual console (GBA, SNES, and NES games) to current day 3DS releases such as StarFox 64 3D, Super Mario 3D Land, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and Kid Icarus Uprising. Any of those newer games will cost you over 600 Coins, so if you have a giant stack laying around waiting to be spent and haven’t played any of these games, now is the time.
Keep in mind that any item released after January 20th can no longer be redeemed for Coins. As well, March 31st is the last day that you can earn Coins by redeeming older games or complete surveys. Club Nintendo will officially shut down at 11:59pm PT on June 30th.
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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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