One Plus One Versus iPhone 6 Plus: The Bullet List


The One Plus One and the iPhone 6 Plus, two very different phones even beyond their operating systems. We’ve already reviewed both the One Plus One and the iPhone 6 Plus here on Techaeris so this isn’t a full on review of the devices. Rather I wanted to do a One Plus One versus iPhone 6 Plus bullet list showdown instead. Right now I am using both these devices everyday and I am enjoying them very much, so to make this quick and easy my likes and dislikes of both devices will be listed below in simple bullet list form. So let’s take a look. UPDATE: One Plus has made it a little easier to buy the One Plus One making Tuesday’s open purchase day no invite required.

iPhone 6 Plus


  • Amazing screen with true colors
  • Apps and software are seamless
  • Touch ID
  • Mac/iOS integration
  • Battery Life
  • Great for media consumption
  • Double tap to bring screen down for one hand use
  • Camera, while only 8MP it still holds up


  • iOS needs more user control and customization
  • Siri is still clueless
  • The phone is ginormous
  • Design of the phone could have been better
  • Multitasking could use improvements, take a look at Samsung
  • Price


One Plus One


  • Design of the phone
  • Price
  • Fits in the hand nicely
  • Screen is amazing given the $349 pricetag
  • Android customization
  • Google Now continues to beat Siri
  • Widgets, notifications
  • CyanogenMod is not that bad after all


  • Speakers are duds
  • Battery life not as good as 6 Plus
  • Random app crashes
  • Text in email and some apps disappears, results in my rebooting
  • Corporate drama between One Plus and Cyanogen
  • Invite needed to purchase


Bottom Line

If you’re looking for the perfect smartphone you’re likely going to be looking for a very long time. The fact of the matter is, there is no perfect phone but there are criteria you might be looking for in a phone that one or both of these would fit in to. Apple continues to remain strong and sold many more iPhones this year than before. The One Plus One is new to the game but its price point, half the cost of the iPhone 6 Plus, is very attractive. One thing that could be hurting One Plus is its current invitation only system, you cannot purchase this phone without being invited to do so. Perhaps this is in place because they don’t have the capacity to mass produce and maybe we’ll see this change in the near future as they grow.

Both phones are really amazing for what they are. If you’re looking for a phone that has great specs, great design and is $349 off contract with 64GB of storage, then the One Plus One is a solid choice. If you’re looking for a little more polish in software and especially integration with Apple products, then the iPhone 6 Plus is a solid choice. Even for those Android users looking to find a replacement for their Samsung and HTC might consider the One Plus One, although One Plus doesn’t make it easy to do that. Right now I am very pleased with both these phones and I use them both equally for various tasks.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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