First Look At Spin Master's Animatronic Yoda Toy Coming This September


Spin Master Toys – the company responsible for Air Hogs, all those robotic puppy toys, and many other robots that will soon be our overlords – teased a new fully animatraonic Yoda toy at Toy Fair 2015 in New York City on Monday.
As you might expect in a 29-second teaser for a toy, there isn’t much revealed. From what little we can see of the well-shadowed robot, it appears to have a high range of motion in its neck, arms, and even the waist. There’s also a brief glimpse at the elderly Jedi’s face, which appears to have very detailed work around the eyes. And of course what would a Jedi be without a flowing robe?

Star Wars has had a large presence at this years Toy Fair. Along with this lightsaber-wielding Yoda, LEGO also announced 32 new Star Wars-themed sets.
Spin Master may not be a name that pops into your head immediately, but you’ve likely used something from them before. Bakugan, Air Hogs, Aquadoodle, and even Tech Decks are all properties of the Canadian toy company. They have recently moved into more animatronic toys such as the robotic dogs called the Zoomer, and a robotic dinosaur aptly named the Zoomer Dino.
Shadows and quick cuts can hide a lot of faults, so there’s no reason to run out and pre-order your swinging Yoda toy just yet, but it certainly looks impressive so far. There’s also still no word on if this Yoda toy will have the ability to latch onto your back and yell encouraging pick-me-ups at you while you run through the swamps of Dagobah – we can only dream. The “Legendary Yoda” releases this September.

Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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