What Jada Pinkett Smith Leaving Gotham Could Mean For Fish Mooney

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Gotham is currently on a month-long hiatus, but it still remains in the news thanks to the revelation late last week that Jada Pinkett-Smith, who plays the hotheaded Fish Mooney on the show, will not be returning for a second season. Given her current situation of being trapped on an island with the demented Dr. Dulmacher, things were never looking up for Fish Mooney in the first place, but what exactly could be in store for the ex-mob boss?
In case you haven’t already heard the news, Pinkett was fairly mum about her departure, only saying that she, “signed for a year, and the year is up.” Shortly afterwards, Warner Bros. released their own statement that said simply, “Fish Mooney’s storyline takes a lot of interesting twists and turns into the finale of season one of Gotham.” Both sides are being purposefully coy with their responses and it could point to the end of Fish Mooney’s story being more than simply “she dies, the end.”
Showrunner Bruno Heller has already proved that he loves messing with fans, particularly with how he has revealed the Joker. Or not revealed the Joker? It’s still not 100% clear. All signs should point to Cameron Monaghan’s excellent performance of a Joker-looking teenager being the real deal, but Heller has constantly kept the idea that there could be another character as Joker, even adding in other characters that fit his personality, such as a member of the Red Hood Gang with the signature cackle and wild personality. He could very well be doing the same kind of trolling with Fish Mooney.
Mooney’s current situation is one ripe with possibilities, believe it or not. She currently sits stranded in a black market medical facility that specializes in harvesting living human’s organs. The whole operation is run by Dr. Dulmacher, aka Dollmaker, who is known for slapping together random pieces of people into abominations later on in the Batman timeline (he also does it once in his debut episode). Being that Mooney isn’t a canon Batman character, it’s always been the idea that she’d be the first villain to die, but just how will it happen?
So with all that said – skipping over the most obvious conclusion that she’ll just die by jumping into the water or being shot – here are five theories on what could happen with Fish Mooney’s character in the final four episodes.

Fish Mooney Takes Someone Down With Her

Fish Mooney has already more than proved she’s willing to do a lot of damage to herself (more specifically her eye) if it means getting what she wants. Should she find a way to get in killing range of Dr. Dulmacher or even Penguin, she may find her end on the show acting as a martyr and taking one or both of them down with her. Either by some big fancy explosion, or somehow getting them all into the water surrounding Dulmacher’s castle.
This also feeds into one of my other theories on Gotham – one of the characters we assume to be canon is a bait-and-switch. As a huge Robin Lord Taylor fan I would be heartbroken if it really is Penguin, but I don’t doubt that at least one or more of the villains we’ve seen on Gotham aren’t the final iterations that appear down the road in Batman’s life. It wouldn’t take much for another person to come along and take up the role as Penguin, or even Dollmaker, and Fish killing one of them as well as her self would be one hell of an ending to the first season.

Fish Mooney Is Made Into A Dollmaker Abomination

We already know that Dulmacher has the ability to make a new human out of other human parts, so who is to say that he won’t make a new “Fish Mooney” out of other parts from the prisoners? Depending on just how much he can do without an actual head, he could recreate the entirety of Mooney in another body, using just her brain or somehow cover up her face. The character goes on, finds a way back to the city of Gotham under Dulmacher’s orders, but it’s no longer played by Jada Pinkett Smith.

Fish Mooney is the Joker

I mean… probably not, but can you really say no for sure at this point? Gotham seems to want us to think that every single character could be the Joker so who the hell knows any more.

Fish Mooney Is Revealed To Be A Canon Batman Villain

In true Gotham fashion, it could be revealed at the last second that “Fish Mooney” is actually another known Batman villain at the last second before she’s never heard from again. So far the show has been a big fan of naming big characters just to get them on screen, then shipping them off into the sunset. Fish Mooney’s entire arc could end up being a long-con version of this, where it’s revealed she is someone else and she is given a way to disappear until she presumably appears later on in the Batman mythos.

Fish Mooney Is Killed By Detective Gordon

Jim Gordon made the unfortunate mistake of owing Oswald Cobblepot a favor towards the end of the first season. If Penguin hopes to cash in that favor on something really juicy, he could eventually find out that Mooney is on the island with Dulmacher and demand that Gordon track her down and kill her. It would further hammer home the point that doing one bad thing to do a good thing comes back to bite Gordon, and he could even end up being trapped with Dulmacher himself. Considering he’d likely do the killing solo (or at the very least with Bullock at his side), he wouldn’t have backup or a way to leave easily. If they do end up going the route of Mooney being shot and that’s it, I really hope it’s this way or something similar.
So there you have my theories, what are yours? Let us know in the comments, or on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr how you think Fish Mooney will be handled in these final few episodes before Jada Pinkett Smith leaves the show presumably for good.

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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