Researchers In Houston Have Developed A Bionic Heart


A bionic heart has emerged from the research labs at the Heart Institute in Houston, Texas. The heart is being developed by a team by the name of BiVACOR, and was originally conceived by Daniel Timms, a mechanical engineer from Australia. It is now being further developed by Billy Cohen, a surgeon at the Heart Institute.

 What makes this bionic heart so different from previous failed attempts was the constant wear and tear of moving parts that proved these previous attempts short lived. This bionic heart uses a single spinning disk suspended by two magnets, never touching another part, which almost completely eliminates wear and tear. This heart propels rather than pumps the blood. Also according to BiVACOR’s website, due to the design of the bionic heart, the heart can adapt to changes in the physiology of the user, without the need for extra sensors.

 Even more exciting is that ABC News reports that the heart has been put to test in large animals and they have been getting good results.

This major breakthrough in medical technology could pave the way for even more mechanical augmentations of humans. Humans merging with machine could be the future of medical technology and the key to extended human lifespan. What’s next? Could we soon see other human organs being replaced by machines?

 What do you think about the bionic heart? Would you be willing to get one? What does this mean for the future of medical technology? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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