Win A Chance To Attend The London Premiere Of Age Of Ultron With Mark Ruffalo


Mark Ruffalo is giving Avengers fans – and “fans of clean water” – the chance to attend the London premiere with the Hulk himself through a raffle benefiting a charity he co-founded, Water Defense. If you win, just make sure to give him the arm rest, because you may not be fond of him when he becomes irritated.
As with many of these type of raffles, the grand prize isn’t the only thing you can get for your donation. As a baseline, donating $5 will grant you one entry into the raffle, while $10 will net you two raffle entries and a thank you message. Anyone who donates $50 can receive either a hero or heroine Limited Edition Water Defender Tee. On the higher end of the rewards are a signed Avengers: Age of Ultron poster for $250, a Hulk action figure signed by Ruffalo for $500, and a personalized video from Ruffalo for $2500.
The grand prize winner of the raffle will be flown to London and “put up in a nice hotel” with all accommodations paid for, as Ruffalo comically acted out in a video announcing the contest.
Water Defense is co-founded by Mark Ruffalo and is dedicated to providing clean drinking water as a human right across the globe. On top of providing clean water to those in need, they also make a strong point of monitoring and attempting to bring to justice those who are causing mass pollution of available drinking water. They do so by monitoring chemical and industrial leaks, over population/runoff, and use of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.
To enter for your chance to win, and see the full list of rules and regulations, head over to Mark’s page on GoRaff and simply sign up and donate.

Featured image courtesy of The Guardian

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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