First Footage Of Live-Action Attack On Titan Movie Revealed

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The Attack on Titan anime, and to a lesser extent the manga, has garnered a massive amount of worldwide popularity. Combining elements of horror, high-flying action, and steampunk, the series has done well to graft itself into pop culture’s mainstream.
All of that attraction and interest has since spawned, among other things, a Marvel crossover event, an Attack on Titan augmented reality game, and now a live-action movie. The cast of the Attack on Titan movie was revealed last month, and thanks to YouTube user Dobre Namin we now have our first look at footage of the film.
If you can look past the distracting TV graphics and excited announcers, you can see a movie that looks appropriately dark and post-apocalyptic. A lot of the intro is spent discussing the anime and the series’ past popularity, and if you want to see the first glimpse of the film itself skip ahead to the :58 mark.
The brief footage features lot of great shots of the wall that protects the humans from the massive human-eating Titans, and even a quick shot of the Colossal Titan attacking said wall with one massive swing. It cuts off before actually showing anything, but it hints that we may even get to see a human get eaten by a Titan, something that anime fans have surely been waiting to see after all these years of seeing it in animation and drawn form.
The live-action Attack on Titan film is set to release in Japan in 2015 and stars Haruma Miura as Eren, Kiko Mizuhara as Mikasa, and Kanata Hongô as Armin.

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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