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Big Hero 6 Characters Appear In Street Fighter IV With Fan-Made Mod

One creative modder who goes by salimano3 on Deviantart decided to combine two big properties – Big Hero 6 and Street Fighter IV – to great effect. In the mod, Zangief finds himself skinned as the healthcare-dispensing robot Baymax, and Cammy is now ultra-fast skater Go Go Tomago.
Best PC Mods has a video of the skins in action, and they both look incredible. While clearly performing their unskinned counterparts’ movesets, the two look like they belong in the world of Street Fighter IV. If we’re going to be ultra picky about something, Baymax should probably have his eyes glowing red – unless he considers pulling off a 4-hit combo into a K.O. to be a proper way of dispensing healthcare. Regardless, he still looks great and the attention to detail is impressive.
The best part? Zangief’s Red Cyclone moniker still fits perfectly with Baymax.

It’s hard to deny that I really want to play this, and if salimano3 should ever consider modding the rest of the Big Hero 6 cast in, I’d be all for it. Who wouldn’t want to see Hiro, Tadashi, Fred, Wasaby, and Honey Lemon all fighting to the death atop Street Fighter characters?
Some of salimano3’s other Street Fighter IV mods include Optimus Prime, Gridlock, Hulk, Aquaman, and many other comic and anime characters. All of these and more can be seen on his Deviantart page.
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