The Flash Review: “Out of Time”

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If you haven’t been watching the CW’s The Flash well, I can’t help you, because you are missing one of the best superhero television shows around. I’m a little giddy from watching (as a huge fan of the Flash comics) so consider yourself warned.
Since this is the first review on MOARGeek of the show in months I’ll give you a little bit of catch-up and make a promise that I will try to keep it as spoiler free as possible.
In the previous 14 episodes of the show we have been introduced to a variety of the characters from the Flash comics. Many are in their pre-hero/villain stage (not unlike Gotham) but that doesn’t take anything at all away from the characterizations. If anything, it makes it better because when some of them become villains it is going to hurt. A lot.
We have seen Barry dealing with gaining powers, discovering that the night that changed his life 15 years ago wasn’t what he thought, and come into his own and a character and a hero. We have seen his nemesis and have been given hints to who it actually is (in some cases the hints aren’t so subtle, more like a smack in the face with a hammer).
Enough with the catch-up, on to the episode.
Throughout the entire season things have been hinted at and talked about that make their way into “Out of Time”, things that (according to marketing speak) would change change everything. Not only for Barry, but for everyone. Typically when I see or hear that in a preview or ad for a show I take it with a grain of salt because it rarely has much impact on me or the show itself.

Now, I’m going to be honest. The reason it has taken me six paragraphs to give my reaction to the episode is because it has taken me that long to come up with something other than Wow!  or Holy Carp!.
This episode delivered in every way. The villian, Mark Mardon (a.k.a. ‘Weather Wizard’), is definitely something other than the typical ‘villain of the week’ we usually see. He’s powerful, skilled and, to put it bluntly, pissed. That’s a deadly combination, but add in his mad-on for Joe West and you have a near lethal scenario. Then there is the confrontation between Cisco and Reverse Flash. I… I did not see that coming.
The tension between Eddie and Iris, between Barry and Linda, and between Barry and Iris comes to head. As if that isn’t enough to put an already volatile situation into overdrive, Barry gets outed. On purpose!
This very easily could have been a season finale, and it could easily have skated by on fan service alone but it went beyond that. The writers took all this stuff, put it together and made it work. It’s is one of the better stories told so far on Flash, and it most definitely takes the show from being great superhero television to simply being great television.

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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