Tesla OTA Update To Prevent Range Anxiety


One of the great features about owning a Tesla is that periodically your car will receive a software update much like your phone, tablet, or computer. The most recent update that was announced will add a few new features to improve your overall driving experience with your Tesla.

Range Assurance is the spotlight of this newest software update to the vehicles. It will allow your Tesla to constantly communicate with the various, ever increasing, Tesla charging stations across the country. It is smart enough to know which are inoperable and which are heavily being used to be able to aptly warn you if you are in danger of driving out of range of one of them.

The charging network has increased drastically in the past few years. Tesla says that 96% of the United States is within 175 miles of a charging station now and that over the next 12 months all of Europe and North America (with the exception of northern Alaska) will be covered completely.

Tesla Range

Aside from the Range Assurance update there is a new trip planner feature that will use the same communication method to help plot out a trip with guiding you to the best places to charge your battery rapidly on your way. They hope to be able to time it to times when you would logically need a break in the driving for using the restroom or grabbing a bite to eat.

They have also managed to make one of the safest cars on the road even safer with an over-the-air update. They have enabled automatic emergency braking in the event of an unavoidable collision, blind spot warning, and side collision warning. Lastly there is a new valet mode that, when enabled, will limit the speed of the vehicle and lock the glove box and trunk to prevent any unnecessary snooping around the car.

There were a few other minor behind-the-scenes changes rolled out as well to improve audio quality, the radio tuning, and cruise control. It is amazing to see such a car be able to improve over time and continue to receive updates and improve after you’ve purchased it and driven it off the lot. I hope that this will be standard operating procedure for all cars in the future.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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