iPhone 5c Overheats In Pocket Of 11 Year Old Boy


We’ve heard the stories before, smartphone overheats and explodes causing burns to the user and that’s exactly what happened to eleven year old Isaiah Clinton from Houston Texas. Isaiah was in school when his classmates noticed smoke coming from the young mans pants where his iPhone 5c was overheating and starting to burn through his pants.

“The boy behind me told me my pocket was smoking and that’s when I got up and tried to take my phone out of my pocket.”

Isaiah’s mother Denisea Harris says, “I took him to the emergency room and they said he had 2nd degree burns on him and they couldn’t just believe it was from the cell phone.”

As we said before, it’s not unheard of that an iPhone or Samsung phone has caught fire and caused damage to person and property. But these stories are good reminders, to parents especially, that no matter what phone you buy yourself or for your child, they are all subject to failure. One of those failures is battery failure and when you’re dealing with batteries you’re dealing with heat and chemicals, a combo that can cause real damage. When sleeping it’s best not to tuck that phone under your pillow or fall asleep with it, it’s better left on a counter or nightstand. Also, taking your phone out of your pocket and placing it on your desk is probably safer than sitting with it in your pocket.

While these incidents aren’t great in number, they can happen and one should be as careful as one can be. Have you ever had a cell phone catch fire or overheat? Let us know in the comment below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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