Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition: Falcon Overview

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Yesterday was a pretty good day for Disney Infinity collectors and players, as two new figures both became available. Released alongside Loki, the main antagonist in both The Avengers film and The Avengers playset within Disney Infinity 2.0 Editionis Falcon. Maybe a lesser-known hero to most, but he’s a prominent member of The Avengers and a character with plenty of possibilities in video game form nonetheless.
Falcon’s physical Disney Infinity figure is pretty impressive; I’d even go as far as to say one of my favorites to date. This is not the Falcon you know from the Winter Soldier film or his role in the All-New Captain America comic run. Both in-game and out he features his old school red, white, and gold costume that he frequently dons in his solo comic series. While his wings remain in his backpack most of the time during gameplay, his figurine has them splayed out as he’s arching his back in a typically defiant “come at me bro” stance. The wings are made of a glossy translucent material and look great in contrast to the smoothed-over build of the rest of the figure.
The paint job and general construction on the figure I received is also solid. The only minorest of minor issues I can see is a tiny gap and black line that separates his hair from the top part of his mask, making it look like the top of his skull is screwed on. He stands roughly as tall as the other “normal-sized” human characters such as Nova, Captain America, and Thor, with a slight height advantage thanks to his raised stance.

In the game itself, Falcon is a quick-hitting character balanced out by generally weak attacks. If you want to be successful using him, it all comes down to watching enemy animation patterns and dodging at the last second. Being that Falcon’s attacks are so quick and his reaction time is great, you can safely mash away on the attack button until you see an enemy swing starting and can dodge away perfectly almost every time if you’re careful enough. He can get outnumbered quickly in a battle, and his attacks are very one-directional, but if you keep enemies in front of you at all times and dodge carefully he can be a lot of fun to play.
Unfortunately, Disney Infinity doesn’t utilize Falcon’s namesake for his ranged attacks. Instead of having a flying companion of some sort for an attack (such as Redwing) he has a generic red laser alternate called “Hardlight Feathers,” implying that he throws feathers off of his wings. Even his special attack is just jumping in the air and shooting these Hardlight Feathers in all directions then slamming into the ground. While the actual attacks are disappointing flavor-wise, he does have a great charge up ability where, when at full capacity, his wings glow white until you release the trigger and it shoots out at three different angles.

All of Falcon’s animations and sounds are right on par with what I would imagine from his comic books. His punches are full-body affairs, with him heaving his entire upper half into every hit, and when he flies his wings curve up into their iconic crescent shape. It looks a little odd while flying in real time with his hard light wings pointing forward, but it works for his character. It’s also satisfying hearing the flapping sound of wings or clothing while flying, and further adds to his personality.
One thing in particular I like is his ground attack animation. Instead of slamming legs and arms first like most characters, he dives straight into the ground and impacts hard – making it always satisfying barrel into a group of enemies with it then pop up and start kicking.
It may come as a disappointment, but it shouldn’t be a surprise, that Falcon is not voiced by his big screen actor, Anthony Mackie. Instead he’s voiced by Bumper Robinson, who also plays the part in the currently-running Marvel’s Avengers Assemble cartoon that airs on Disney XD.
Falcon’s skill tree is pretty basic, with skills to upgrade his flying speed (which can go up to Level 2), damage on all his attacks, and running speed. Much like his play style, his skill tree is heavily geared towards getting speed upgrades as fast as possible. You are going to be frequently jumping and kicking between enemies and everything about Falcon pushes you in that direction.

While I haven’t had a chance to actually use it, there was also a special ‘Ultimate Falcon’ Power Disc released that allows you to change Falcon’s appearance. Another disc released, Team Up: Captain Marvel, lets you play Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition alongside Captain Marvel herself.
All of these additions to Disney Infinity 2.0 have been release and are available online and in local retail stores. Falcon can be had for $9.99 for a limited time from Amazon at the link below, until his cost goes back up to the normal $13.99 price tag.
[button type=”link” link=”http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OVSKD4K/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00OVSKD4K&linkCode=as2&tag=techaeris034-20&linkId=IA4K4R6DZETPGI3Z” variation=”btn-danger” target=”blank”]Buy Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition Falcon on Amazon[/button]
***We were sent a Falcon figure by Disney for the purposes of this overview.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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