Ford To Help Everyone Drive The Speed Limit


Speeding while driving is something that most people do on a daily basis but that could be a thing of the past if Ford has anything to do with it.  Driving over the speed limit is an art form of how much you might be able to get away with without getting pulled over and given a ticket.  It also can be a hazard to other drivers which is why Ford wants to eliminate it altogether.

They are launching an Intelligent Speed Limiter that will be a new technology to assist with preventing drivers from accidentally exceeding the speed limit.  The windscreen of your vehicle will now have a camera on it to monitor the speed limit signs that you pass and will slow the vehicle accordingly.  Once you go into a new speed limit zone you will be able to accelerate up to the new speed limit but unable to go over it.  Ford’s active safety supervisor, Stefan Kappes said:

Drivers are not always conscious of speeding and sometimes only becoming aware they were going too fast when they receive a fine in the mail or are pulled over by law enforcement.  Intelligent Speed Limiter can remove one of the stresses of driving, helping ensure customers remain within the legal speed limit.

According to Ford this will be an optional feature to enable much like cruise control and could be overridden by the driver firmly pressing down on the accelerator.  There’s no word about which of their vehicles will be employing this new technology yet or how soon it will be in production models.  It reminds me of when I am golfing and go down a hill and the golf cart decides for me that I’m going to fast and slows down by itself which I’m never a fan of.

What do you think of this kind of technology being able to read the speed limit signs and preventing you from going over the speed limit?  Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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