Super Mario 64's First Level Remade In Unity, Playable In Your Browser

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No matter how much you loved Super Mario 64 when it first released almost 20 years ago, you can’t deny it’s ugly as sin, especially by today’s standards. One modder and game developer, Roystan Ross, took it upon himself to recreate the first level of the 3D platformer in the Unity Engine with greatly improved visuals. It comes with full gamepad support, looks right on par with recent Mario titles, and best of all it’s playable right in your browser.
Bob-Omb Field has been mostly re-created with painstaking accuracy, except for a few details that “nobody really cared about” as Ross put it. Omitted from the final build are red coins, the Wing Cap, and the Big Bob-omb at the top of the mountain.
Most of the art was done by Ross himself, save for the most iconic Mario models in the game such as the Goobma, Power Star, and Mario himself which were ripped from Super Mario Galaxy. 
Currently, Ross has no plans to continue development on the project any further. Any bugs that come up will be left alone unless they are “horrendously gamebreaking and horrendously simple to fix.” He is however giving away the project in its entirety for free, so any other Unity developers who find bugs or want to continue the project could theoretically do so.
The actual link to play the game in-browser is suffering some loading issues due to the sheer amount of people wanting to give it a shot, but you shouldn’t have any problem downloading the game to be played on your Windows, Mac, or Linux machine from Ross’ own blog.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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