Get Ready For Fear The Walking Dead With This First Teaser


The first official teaser for Fear The Walking Dead premiered during last night’s The Walking Dead finale, and it confirms a lot of things we already know. In only a short 15 seconds it more or less reveals where and when the Walking Dead spinoff takes place.
As we’ve reported previously, Fear The Walking Dead will take place closer to the beginning of the walker outbreak that the group in the main show currently finds themselves tangled in. The chippy radio broadcaster also confirms that the series will be in Los Angeles, waking up the city and warning them of a strange virus going around.

This short broadcast is played on top of shots of a Los Angeles bustling with living people, something we’ve never seen in The Walking Dead to this point, and ends with one lone walker travelling down a dark tunnel. Anyone who has seen any kind of zombie film should know that one zombie in a huge metropolis can cause a lot of trouble on its own.
Robert Kirkman has stated previously that his biggest regret with The Walking Dead was spoiling too much information when Rick’s group found the CDC. If this first teaser is any indication, we are likely to see a lot more details about what caused the walker outbreak in the first place.
Fear The Walking Dead will star Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis as a school guidance counselor and a divorced school teacher working their way around the budding apocalypse. No exact start date has been announced for the spinoff, but it is meant to serve as a go-between for seasons five and six of The Walking Dead (similar to Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter), and will run sometime this summer.

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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