Chrome OS Launcher 2.0 Brings Google Now To The Desktop


Yes it brings in slightly creepy predictions that make you wonder if you’re part of the Truman show, but you can’t argue with the usefulness of Google Now. Bringing all sorts of contextual awareness to your Android or iOS handset aiming to make your life easier has been a goal of Google for some time now. They have half attempted to bring it to Google Chrome browsers and now look set to bake it right into the a future Chrome OS update.

François Beaufort, the self-style Chrome evangelist, has ‘leaked’ a few details ahead of time that suggest the digital virtual assistant will be front and centre of the new Chrome OS update providing more than just a few weather or travel updates.

Search has been enhanced to help you find what you are looking for faster, apps you most often use right [sic] have been put at your fingertips, and the power of Google Now has been brought to your Chromebook. – François Beaufort

This update is due to be available in the beta channel for now, however the update brings much more than simply adding in one feature. As part of the Google Now integration the new launcher, complete with material design – becomes a command centre, launching apps and answering search queries much like Google Now Launcher does Android.

If you are a Chromebook or Chromebox user and want to try out the new update it will be hitting the ‘dev’ channel soon, Google does provide you with step by step instructions to change to the more experimental version but it may come with bugs.  As such, it should really be used only by people that are developers or at least a little savvy with the operating system. One word of warning before you do, switching back is relatively easy, but will require a full wipe of your hardware to do so.

If you make the switch let us know how you like the update, or if you have come across any issues in the comments below or on your social media channel of choice.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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