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Fake X-WINGS Trailer Puts a Disney Pixar Spin On Star Wars

With the tagline “What happens when the people who made Cars & Planes get their hands on Star Wars,” a mysterious YouTube channel going by Big Bee Studio has released a fantastic fake trailer for X-WINGS. Featuring a cast of Internet super stars such as Felicia Day and Veronica Belmont, the 3:10 fake trailer is really everything you’d want from a Cars-style Star Wars film.

For all the bad jokes, fake products (some of which are great), and other half-baked ideas on April Fools’ day, there always seems to be one or two things that stick out from the crowd. Normally it comes from a huge company like Google or Amazon, but this year it comes from a brand new YouTube channel with almost no subscribers.

The trailer is actually made by animator who goes by BrianKAnimation on YouTube, where he also does other parodies mixing LEGO models and other pop culture staples such as Breaking Bad, Batman, and The Last of Us. It looks as if Brian is attempting to launch a new channel/persona using this animation, and he’s off to a great start if that’s the case.

This doesn’t look like some half-assed April Fools’ prank either. Animations are nice – although they look closer to a Saturday morning cartoon than a feature length film (which still puts it on par with Planes) – and he even made character posters for all the big players in the trailer.

He also includes a jab at the Star Wars prequel at the very end, what’s not to love?

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