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Android Wear Runs Macintosh II Emulator, Just Because


Arguments can be made from both sides of the fence as to which technology giant has the better smartwatch interface and OS. You may be firmly on the side of Android Wear or you might hold steadfast to the Apple ecosystem. Either way, you have to appreciate when someone is creative enough to frankenstein something together and make it work. Which leads me to the video below in which YouTuber  Corbin Davenport manages to get his Android Wear watch to run a Macintosh II emulator. Sure it’s a bit clunky and not very intuitive to use. His fingers are massive and not at all suited to navigating around the interface. But it’s pretty dang cool anyway, check out his video below.

Android and Apple wars aside you have to admit that’s fun to watch, especially if you are at any level of geek. But if you are keeping score of such things, Android Wear scores one here for giving the user much more versatility to manipulate the software than Apple. Does that make it better than the Apple Watch? Not necessarily. It just makes it different and that’s perfectly fine.

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